MAM Teethers

Fifi is teething, I’ve been putting gel on her gums and getting through teething powders like there is no tomorrow. MAM contacted me and asked me if I would mind reviewing a selection of their teethers. I jumped at the chance, as rather fortuitously, Fifi is rather keen on her MAM dummy. I bought the dummy because I liked the pattern and it looked nicer than the Tommee Tippee dummies that Toddler boy was keen on.

Its taken me a little while to write this review, as I got sent 4 teethers and I wanted to give them a good go, so here’s a little mini review of each. MAM products are very reasonably priced for what they are and their design is cool and funky, rather than being too babyish. This is a bonus for me.
The Bite and Brush Teether; suitable from 3 months
This is without doubt Fifi’s favourite teether, it has a little toothbrush built in. That’s good, cleaning the gums is a good thing at her age. Toddler boy had his own little rubber toothbrush thing, but with this teether its built in, an ingenious idea. Fifi seems to like holding onto this, its the right sort of shape for her little hands and fits quite well into her mouth. I would buy another one of these.
The Starter and Clip Teether; suitable from birth
When the teethers came, this was my favourite one. I’m keen on things that can be clipped on, as I seem to go around St Albans losing dummies and teethers like there is no tomorrow. I also think that the elephant raised pattern is the cutest design ever. However, the teether is simply too big for Fifi to hold and put into her mouth. I spoke to another mum at baby massage class who has a similar teether, and she said that she felt that it should be the size of the circle that forms the hole in the middle, I tend to agree. Her little boy was chewing the clip part of the the teether. I thought he might get his tongue stuck in it, but didn’t think I should say anything!
The Twister; suitable for 6 months plus
I really liked the colours and design of this and its more like a toy. At just over 6 months though, Fifi shows very little interest in it. However, I think as she gets older she will really like this as it has become very sought after by her two year old brother. I think this would probably be quite a good buy for the older baby. It has a brilliant rattle in the middle and 7 different teething textures, which sort of rotate around the middle. Making it really three dimensional. At under five pounds to buy its a real bargain.
The Cooler Teether; suitable from 4 months
I actually used this teether with Toddler boy, he loved it. Fifi is less enamoured. However, the beauty of this teether is that it is ideally shaped to put teething gel onto it and then onto the gums without getting your hands all sticky. It’s a good shape and I would say that it is a really good buy. I have recommended it to a lot of my friends as its so multifunctional for what it is and reasonably priced.
You can find out more scientific stuff and buy the teethers here
Thank you MAM!