The Owl and the Pussycat Chilled Baby Food

Baby Fifi likes her food, she will eat a whole range of things, from entire roast dinners to puréed baby food. In recent weeks, she has become a bit more discerning. She definitely doesn’t like avocado. I try my hardest to give her what we are having. However, sometimes it’s just not suitable and I don’t have time to whizz up an Annabel Karmel recipe and stocks of home made supplies in the freezer are depleted and so Igiveherababyjar. There you are, I admitted it, very quickly. She quite likes the new Organic’s range and also has Hipp Organic jars. I do feel a bit guilty, as the husband has pointed out; they are not exactly the freshest are they? Then one day I got an email; Would Fifi like to try a new range of chilled baby foods? Oh, yes, that sounds good.

The Owl and the Pussycat chilled baby food are organic baby foods that have no added salt, sugar, preservatives or colourings. They are sold in Waitrose or Ocado for £2.79 for two individual pots which can be heated in the microwave or the hob. At £2.79 they are a bit more pricey than the ones we usually buy. However, they are fresh and lovely and you do get what you pay for.

Anyhow, its not really down to me. The test is really what Fifi thinks of them. We tried three different ones all suitable from 6 months +. Here is my interpretation of her thoughts:

Sweet Potato with Chicken, French Beans and Coriander: “Yum, I like this one with bread. Chicken is my very favourite”

Tomato and Celeriac Risotto with Cheddar Cheese; ” Yuk, I don’t like this one mummy… Mummy! stop eating it yourself”. I quite liked this one, I think the cheddar must have been a bit too strong for her.

Parsnip with Beef and Apple; ” Yum, yum, I am a fully fledged meat eater like my father. Gimme more NOW!”

There you have it a 66.67 % success rate, or two thirds. Who knows, she might change her mind tomorrow and love the Cheddar Risotto. I thought it was all very nice, good quality food. If you happen to be shopping in Waitrose, give it a try. Its fab to see a food company trying hard to make their products as close as possible to home-made and a really good idea. We will be stocking up on the meat ones for sure.