Nuby No-Spill Cups and Sport Sipper

nubieWhen the package arrived from Nuby with a selection of their No-Spill cups to review I knew immediately that they wouldn’t be quite right for us, due to my personal preference for free-flow cups. I do know many parents however who would not buy anything other than no-spill, so I know that for many of you, this feature is a huge plus and on all the cups we tried out the no-spill mechanism was flawless. Garden Boy has a tendency to tip his drinks upside down and thoughtfully watch the shower of drink that emerges and he was somewhat confused by the fact that nothing came out of these, even with vigorous shaking.

Despite the inability to create splash puddles everywhere with these cups, both Garden Boy and Garden Girl loved them. I think this had a lot to do with their excellent design. They are bright and well shaped so that they look quite funky and I would have felt quite pleased to have been seen carrying the Sport Sipper on a day out myself. They were also sized well to fit the grip of small children, with ‘easy-grips’ on the side to make them comfortable and easy for children to hold. However, despite this excellent attention to detail I wasn’t as impressed with the silicone spouts.

We tried out three designs; the No Spill Two Handled Cup, the No Spill Gripper Cup and the No Spill Sport Sipper. I felt that of the three, the two handled cup worked the best as it would be aimed at younger children, taking their first steps away from a bottle. The reason for this was that I didn’t much like the silicone spouts on the other two designs. I felt that they so very closely resembled the feel and texture of a bottle that, coupled with the need to suck to access liquid through the no-spill mechanism, they may as well have been using a bottle. This didn’t seem to matter so much with the two-handled cup, where it might even be an advantage for a young child who is really resistant to moving from a bottle to a cup. But, I couldn’t see any benefit to the silicone spout for the other designs, especially the Sport Sipper which is clearly aimed at older toddlers.

In addition to this, both Garden Boy and Garden Girl spent a lot of time chewing the silcone spouts. I suspect Garden Girl was simply copying her little brother who is currently getting his final set of back teeth and probably found them to be a welcome teether, but I don’t really want to encourage him to chew his cup, preferring to give him a seperate teether if he needs it. This made me reluctant to leave the cups on the coffee table for them to access whenever they were feeling thirsty, as they started to walk around with them, constantly chewing them.

So unfortunately, despite the innovative and appealing design of the cups themselves, the spouts didn’t work for us, although I would consider using the two-handled cup to assist with a younger child struggling to give up the bottle.