Mungai Mirrors

We were lucky enough to review sets of safety mirrors from Mungai Mirrors, now these do not sound at all exciting, but the product is much better than I can describe it.
This is how the web site describes them:
Children’s acrylic safety mirror manufacturers Mungai Mirrors of Durham, uses the latest precision laser technology to create fun and imaginatively shaped acrylic safety mirrors. Our famous Splash Mirror launched us to become world leaders in the design of safety acrylic mirrors in 1999. Acrylic mirrors have the same brilliant, highly reflective surface as glass mirrors but are much lighter, shatterproof, and therefore safer.

We received a rocket blast (£18.50), a selection of stars (from £3.95) and a space set (£7.95) for each of the boys.  You adhere them to the wall or ceiling with pads that come with the mirrors.  In the packet, they do not look all that to be honest, but once you get them on the wall and get the protective covering off they are transformed.

They really make the light in the room bounce around.  They look great and both the boys had so much fun deciding where to put them and helping to adhere them.

Firstly as a parent or should that be a responsible parent I wanted to know that the mirrors are safe.   Well acrylic mirrors do not shatter and they are also 10 times stronger than glass.

The verdict.

Mini and Maxi Mad think that they are fabtastic (yep our own fantastic and fabulous all rolled in to one).  They were so excited to put them up and are eager to show their cousin  and friends.

What a great way to transform a room without any paint or artisic skill.  The ranges cover sboth boys and girls and a lot lot more.  They are easy to install, give instant impact and the wow factor too.  I love the fact that you can have coloured mirror.

The larger mirrors would be great in bathrooms and now I am lusting after the letter mirrors to spell bathe out for above my bath!!