Fun to See Wall Stickers

Fun to See Wall Stickers

In a word; fantastic!

You see, I’m not very good at decorating and all we did was paint Fifi’s bedroom white. It looked  bit boring, but I was at odds to know how to improve it. Re-painting, wallpapering or putting up lots of pictures crossed my mind, but to be honest I had just avoided the whole thing. Fifi was going to end up with a plain boring room.

Then, I was gifted some of these Polly Patch Flower wall stickers to review. I can’t tell you how fantastic that was because I would not have bought them, being sceptical that they would have looked anything other than stickers. How wrong could I be! They look fantastic, almost as if the images have been hand painted onto the walls. I really am pleased.

The thing that really surprised me was how easy they were to apply, they stuck to the wall really easily, and there was no fiddling about. For some reason, I had visions of the process of sticking them to the wall being like that sticky back plastic, that you used to  cover your school books in during the 1980’s. They were like wrestling with a thing that’s stickier than the essence of sticky itself. These are nothing like that, they stick easily and flatly without bubbles.

The other benefit of these wall stickers is that they can peel off fairly easily, so you can redecorate with minimal ease. Its not that they come unstuck (or mine haven’t so far) but they don’t mark the walls and can be removed. I think this could be an issue for little fiddly hands, so you might want to consider placement carefully.

In future, I will not be wrestling with lining up wall paper boarders in the kids bedrooms. Simply paint your walls a plain colour and invest in some wall stickers every so often. That way you can easily change the rooms with minimal effort and cost. A fantastic idea.

We were also lucky enough to get sent a box of Gruffalo wall stickers, I’m currently thinking about re-painting toddler boy’s room, when I have I will post up the results and a review of these. However, if they prove even half as good as the Polly Patch ones, I’m sure toddler boy will be over the moon!