Imagine the problem: it’s a bright sunny day and you’re out for a walk. Because you were drawn in by the lure of those gorgeous shoes in the shop window you’re not back home by nap time. Your baby is getting upset, despite the movement of the buggy he just can’t get to sleep with the sun flashing in his eyes. You throw a blanket or a muslin over the hood of the buggy and hope that it’s enough to shade him. A gust of wind blows past and you leap forward to grab the blanket before it completely flies from the buggy’s hood but it’s too late. Your baby’s crying again as the sun hits him and disturbs his almost sleep.

The Snoozeshade is a nifty little shade designed to help your baby or toddler sleep, a blackout blind that fits onto your buggy, pram or car seat. The Snoozeshade is simple and definitely mummy brain proof. Although I didn’t test it out on the husband I reckon even a man could use it. It’s made out of a lightweight, dark, breathable fabric which blocks out over 94% of light. The Snoozeshade fits over most popular three- and four-wheel buggies, prams, pushchairs and strollers and can also be used on rear-facing infant car seats with hoods. You attach it to the buggy using the elasticated velcro-attaching straps and the elasticated top supports itself on the pram’s hood.

I tried the Snoozeshade on a few of the dreary days last week and it definitely did a good job. It was easy to put on the buggy and when it comes off it stuffs down small into it’s own mesh bag, no folding required. But, I couldn’t help feeling that perhaps the baby didn’t really need it yet. After all, he’s still at that stage where he’ll probably sleep any time anywhere.

Then on Friday afternoon the sun came out. As I’d been feeling rather cooped up all week I decided to take the boy to the park after school. Of course at around 4 o’clock, when that winter sun is dropping the afternoon was lovely. But I cleverly angled the baby’s buggy so that vicious sun shined straight on to the baby. My bad. He instantly woke from what should have been a long and silent slumber. I turned the buggy around and tried to push him to sleep but he was having none of it. Then I remembered the Snoozeshade. Within seconds the inside of the buggy was a haven of sleep-inducing darkness. Although the baby decided at that point that he wasn’t going to go to sleep, he was quiet and resting and that was good enough for me. I could check on him easily enough through the ‘sneak-a-peak’ front zipper and even the boy thought that was a cool addition – he kept unzipping it to check on his baby brother and I didn’t have to worry about him lifting the shade and disturbing the baby. The Snoozeshade did let in some light but it was far better than our measly bedroom curtains letting in the light from the streetlamps at night. What can I say? I’m impressed. The Snoozeshade is definitely staying with our buggy as one of the essentials we need before leaving the house.

The Snoozeshade is available from Mothers of Innovation priced £19.99.