Mama Tea

I love coffee. I need it to wake up in the mornings, revive me mid morning, wash down lunch and relax with in the evenings. Of all the things that we are told to avoid or cut down our intake of during pregnancy, coffee is pretty much the one thing I have failed to be able give up. During my first two pregnancies I did manage to reduce my intake. It was easier with Garden Girl as it was a hot summer, so water and fruit juice were easy to use as a substitute, but the third time around and I haven’t been as successful. In my defence, I have two very active toddlers to chase around and it has been cold, snowy and wet.

Then ‘mama tea’ offered to send me their range of herbal teas, all created specifically with pregnant women in mind and I have managed to reduce my coffee intake from 4 or 5 mugs a day to just two. The teas arrived at a time when I was prescribed extra iron which is not absorbed properly if you drink coffee. I needed a boost of energy. I was very tired and I needed the iron tablets to work, so I substituted my breakfast drink with a ‘mama tea’ and my evening drink with a ‘mama tea’ and I genuinely believe it has made a big difference to my overall health.

There are 5 varieties of ‘mama tea’ but I have only tried 3 of them as ‘ready mama’ should not be taken until 38 weeks and ‘new mama’ should not be taken till after the birth. ‘Ready mama’ contains raspberry leaf and motherwort, both of which are traditionally used as a uterine stimulant after 38 weeks of pregnancy. It has been blended with hibiscus and rosehip to give it a fruity taste. ‘New mama’ is specifically blended for breastfeeding mums containing ingredients which support milk production, aid digestion and ease mastitis. I am looking forward to trying this one as it contains liquorice root and fennel seeds, flavours which I really like.

Of the three teas I have tried, I was most surprised by ‘cool mama’, which is a blend of spearmint and chamomile. I have tried mint teas in the past and not liked them much but this particular blend is subtle in its flavour and very refreshing. Containing ingredients, that aid digestion and help with nausea problems and heartburn, this is a great tea to drink throughout pregnancy.

‘Morning mama’ has similar benefits for anyone suffering from nausea, especially in the early stages of pregancy. I expected to enjoy this combination of ginger and chamomile more than ‘cool mama’ but actually preferred the spearmint and chamomile blend and of the 3 teas I have tried ‘morning mama’ is the one I like the least. but it is certainly drinkable and might well have helped earlier in my pregnancy when I was struggling to enjoy any drink.

The most drinkable of all the teas is ‘glowing mama’ and this is the one I would recommend for anyone who is not a fan of herbal teas but really wants to cut out caffeine during pregnancy. A blend of rooibos, echinacea, elderflowers and dandelion this tea tastes most like ‘normal’ tea and has a lot more substance to it than the other teas. This is the tea I reach for most and is the one that provides the satisfaction my usual cup of coffee offers. If you are going to try just one and are a little uncertain about herbal teas then this is the one I would recommend but the ‘cool mama’ is also a refreshing and enjoyable tea.

I was pleasantly surprised by these teas and have definitely benefited from reducing my caffeine intake so put your feet up, pour yourself a cuppa and give them a go. They really are worth a try.

Mama Tea is available to buy online at or in selected Waitrose stores nationwide and can be purchased either as tagged tea bags or as loose leaf.