Sock Ons

There are a fair few items of baby clothing that annoy me greatly: sleepsuits that go over the head without buttoning up the middle; ones that don’t make allowances for actually getting the baby’s legs in; socks. Yes that’s right, socks. Is it just me or is it next to impossible to find a pair of socks that actually stay on a baby’s feet? With all that wriggling they just seem to disappear and before you know it you’re left with ten single socks, none of which actually form a pair.

Well no more!

Mothers of Innovation sent Mr A a pair of Sock Ons Sneakers in Sky Runner. Sock Ons are a genius little invention that slip on over your little one’s socks and keep them from falling off. I will admit, I failed to see how they would work, but work they did. For all the time Mr A was wearing the Sock Ons, his socks never once fell off.

The Sock Ons are edged with thread which, while it gives them a rather funky effect, did start to fray a little with use. I thought the thread would unravel once they’d gone through the washing machine but it stayed firm. It did make the Sock Ons look a little ratty after a while but it didn’t affect their function.

Sock Ons are available from Mothers of Innovation priced £4.50. It’ll only take around five pairs of socks to spend the equivalent in replacements.