Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding was uncomfortable to say the least; I was given a lot of bad advice that didn’t take my own welfare into account and one of the things I suffered was back pain from a lack of support.

When planning for Mr A’s arrival I knew that if I was to breastfeed successfully I wouldn’t be able to rely solely on the strength of my arms for support but I wasn’t convinced I could justify the expense of a proper nursing pillow. A month down the line I’d had enough of gathering half of the pillows in the house only to still be uncomfortable and gave in and bought a cheap, generic nursing pillow. Even that didn’t entirely solve the problem; I was constantly pummelling the pillow whilst nursing in an attempt to get the perfect support.

Theraline sent me their Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow to review. Filled with micro-pearls this nursing pillow is extremely mouldable and adapts perfectly to you and your baby’s body.

I must admit that I was surprised when the nursing pillow arrived in a huge box and even more so when I realised it pretty much filled the box. The pillow can seem a bit bulky but for good reason; the micro-pearls don’t squish down like hollow fibre so when you put the pillow in one position it stays there. This means you can get your baby into the perfect position for feeding and not in one that’s just ‘good enough’. I’m lucky that we found the perfect chair for me to nurse in that helps to avoid back pain. When I sit in that chair I just lay the Theraline pillow over my lap but when I’m sitting in other chairs that don’t offer the same level of support I can wrap the Theraline pillow around me in a horseshoe shape and use it to help support my back.

The Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow isn’t just suitable for use when nursing; it can be used as a front and back support during pregnancy. In fact, towards the end of my pregnancy, when I was using an extra five or six pillows a night, it would’ve been invaluable.

Mr A loves to sit up and although he’s close to gaining a good level of balance (especially at his young age) he’s not there yet. The mouldable nature of the Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow provides great support for him when sitting whilst allowing him to stretch the limits of his muscles and balance and sit unaided, even if only for a few seconds.

The Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow is pricey at £44.95 but if you get it wrong with two other nursing pillows you would’ve spent less just going with the Theraline to start with. It’s also a much more versatile pillow than many other shaped pillows. Not only do I and Mr A use ours, TB does too. When we’re on long car journeys we lay one half down the length of his seat and the other over the back (although in most cars this would be the parcel rack) and he snuggles into it perfectly. It’s the only way we’ve found to stop him from sliding underneath his seatbelt in his sleep. In fact the only person who hasn’t really got any use of it is the husband; I’m sure that’s only because he can’t get it away from the rest of us for long enough. The Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow also comes with a range of covers in a variety of colours and styles. The 100% cotton covers are easily removable for washing but you don’t even need to; the pillow is machine washable at 60° and can even be tumble dried.

The Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow is well worth the money; we wouldn’t give ours up now and we can all see it being used well beyond the nursing years. The Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow is available direct from the Theraline website.