I heart Mama

In the first weeks of breastfeeding you hear a lot about nipple confusion. Everywhere seems to advise avoiding bottle feeding and dummies before breastfeeding is established. What no-one mentions, months down the line when you’re about to become a pumping mama, is the fear that your older baby, when bottle feeding 50% of the time, will realise that breastfeeding isn’t the laziest option and decide that it’s no fun anymore.

Hello Baby Direct stocks a wide range of quality fun and practical baby and nursery products. Knowing that I was returning to work and Mr A was going to be both breast and bottle feeding they sent me some bibi Mama/Papa baby bottles (£10.99 for the two pack of 250ml bottles) to review.

Of course here’s the catch: I don’t actually bottle feed Mr A myself. So I left instructions for the husband to use the bottles and let me know how him and Mr A got on. He liked the design of the first bottle because it says ‘Papa is the best’ and hasn’t commented on the second. I like the second better because it says ‘I love Mama’. I know, we’re simple people to please. The husband didn’t like the bottle itself though. He complained that the milk was too slow to come out and Mr A kept playing with the bottle, messing around and complaining because it was hard work and he wasn’t getting fed quick enough. Now I actually liked this point. I’ve taken to hiding upstairs to feed Mr A because he gets distracted easily. Even so, he still pokes and prods me, stops feeding to search for every noise and decides he’d rather play with his hands or my hair for a moment. The husband gives Mr A his bottles downstairs amongst various distractions so I can see where his problems stemmed from. The slow flow teat makes me happy because unlike many other slow-flow teats, the bibi one is actually slow, meaning Mr A has to work at a level closer to that of breastfeeding to get his milk. At least with the bibi teats I don’t have to worry so much about him getting too lazy to breastfeed.

Any parent who’s considered bottle feeding their child will most likely have heard about the dangers of Bisphenol-A. BPA is a chemical component found in polycarbonate which can be discharged from the material when heated or damaged. When BPA enters the body it causes an oestrogen-like effect on the hormonal balance of babies and can cause issues such as sterility in boys, premature adolesence in girls, weight problems, hyperactivity, diabetes, leukemia and prostate cancer, none of which you want your child to suffer from.

Bibi’s baby bottles are made from either glass or polyamide (PA). PA is unbreakable, boilproof and considered totally harmless for health. It’s also durable, dishwasher-proof and lightweight. If you ask me that’s everything you want in a baby bottle.

It’s not just bibi baby bottles that are available on Hello Baby, but their extensive range of feeding and bathtime accessories. You can find Hello Baby on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace and you can purchase direct from their website. I recommend you take a look; they’re one of those fab sites that you shouldn’t be without.