O Baby Kiddie Ride On BuggyBoard

I have no hesitation in recommending  the O Baby Kiddie Ride On BuggyBoard as its a very reasonably priced board. I am very impressed- it was so easy to put together and fits my Mamas and Papas Pliko pushchair very well.  Even with the seat fully laid back for baby , the board sits far enough behind the buggy for Blue-eyed Boy to comfortably stand there. It’s easy to adjust to get the position right, and being a petite 5Ft, I was very pleased that there was sufficient arm length for me to push both children comfortably.

It’s easy to remove the board when you don’t need it, and personally this seems less of a faff than folding it back and attaching it with the strap.  Folded up, with the seat in baby position, the board was also inclined to bash my knees while pushing, but this problem may be unique to my particular pushchair.