Review – New Chocolate Weetabix

We were sent a pre-release box of new chocolate Weetabix (which will be available in Sainsburys from 12 July) this week.

Now I don’t know about your children, but my two are chalk and cheese when it comes to breakfasts (even though they were weaned the same).  Maxi is a porridge every morning without fail chap, but Mini, well he is a whole other story.  He just isn’t in to eating first thing in the morning and we often resort to chocolate cereal to get him to eat.

Well I was pleased to find out that Chocolate Weetabix has all the goodness of wholegrain in normal Weetabix, but contains half the sugar of the average chocolate flavoured breakfast cereal (I checked the packet we have in the cupboard)

So did he eat it?   The answer is yes he did 2 out of 3 mornings, but then that is an achievement for us.  Maxi wasn’t keen, he did try it, but couldn’t eat it and asked for a bowl of his normal porridge!

Will I be buying it?  Yes, I will do anything to get Mini to eat breakfast as I know and understand the benefits of a heathly breakfast and this is  a great healthier alternative to other “chocolate” cereals on the market.