Premier Family Charger

I’ve got a cable tidy for the 8 (count them, that’s 8

) cables that go to our telly but obviously that’s only a small part of it. That’s where something like the Premier Family Charger comes in. It’s basically a clever multi extension with a built in cable tidy and cradles for your devices.

The version I was sent for review purposes is designed for mobile phones; it took my Samsung mobile, and it also took hubby’s iPhone. The cradles are adjustable for a snug fit too.
The images on the box are a little off putting if I’m going to be completely honest. The monochrome screened Nokia looks like its at least ten years old, which suggests the device isn’t exactly new. But does it matter? I don’t think it really does, its a simple solution to a simple to an all too common problem.
Our house is a fairly typical 1970’s affair and like most houses of that vintage has far too few plug sockets for modern life. So saving even a plug socket is a bonus, especially if it keeps those dratted cables tidy. For £9.99 I don’t think you can really go wrong.