3 Mobile MiFi

A while back Liz at Violet Posy did a review on Mifi in car wifi from 3 mobile and I commented that we would love to give this a try, so guess what the lovely people at 3 mobile sent one of their MiFi systems for me to review too.

I have to say I didn’t know what to expect, as I am not all that techie, but I was super surprised.  The wireless modem is about half the size of a mobile phone and really easy to connect and use.

MadDad has an ipod touch and we had both the laptop and the ipod touch connected to it whilst we were in London.  I also used it on the train to and from London for the John Lewis Christmas event.

But do I need one?  for every day use I would have to say no.  I can not justify the £50 one off cost or the top up fees, as we have wireless broadband at home, but as it looks like another hospital stay in on the horizon for me again I would love one and would use it all the time.  If I had one of these the last time I was in, then I would have been a much happy mummy.  It would have allowed me access to twitter, my blog, but more importantly I could have seen my boys without them having to come in and see me, we could have chatted by Skype and web cam, which would have made everything much less traumatic for both them me.