Cheesestrings Spaghetti

A few weeks ago a little bag of fun was delivered to our door. There were no toys in the bag. Just a few packets of the new Cheesestrings Spaghetti. Garden Girl and Garden Boy clamoured to be the first to receive one of the small purple bags and they eagerly ripped them open once I handed them over. Inside they discovered cheese. But not ordinary cheese; no, this was cheese the same shape and thickness of spaghetti. It was all a bit stuck together and Garden Boy, who loves cheese, devoured the lump in a couple of mouthfuls and asked for another packet.

Garden Girl, always a bit more cautious, took a small bite and decided this was not for her. ‘Yuck’ was her initial report. She went on to pull the spaghetti lump apart and play with the strings. She made snails and faces and fancy patterns. Until Garden Boy crept up behind her and stole it. Her packet was then quickly devoured by Garden Boy.

The next time I offered the packs to try Garden Girl managed to eat it all but said it didn’t taste of much and she would rather play with it, which she did with a lot of smiles and laughter. Garden Boy spurred on by his sister decided to make spiders, worms and snakes with his cheese this time, taking huge delight in eating spiders legs.   So despite the fact that in our house we think they should make a stronger flavoured version we can’t really argue with food that creates so much fun and laughter.

Vic and TB, over at Glowstars also tried out the Cheesestrings spaghetti and clearly had as much fun as we did. And what did they think of the taste? Well, Cheesy, I think! But take a look at this clip at YouTube just incase I got that wrong!

This is a fun, healthy snack which I think is great for days out, picnics and lunch boxes and have just hit the supermarket shelves at an RRP of £2.29 for a pack of 6 21g bags.