Mungai Safety Mirrors + 10% discount on all purchases

The boys were lucky enough to previously receive some safety mirrors from Mungai to review and they loved them and still do, so when we were offered some more to review we jumped at the chance.

Children’s acrylic safety mirror manufacturers Mungai Mirrors of Durham, uses the latest precision laser technology to create fun and imaginatively shaped acrylic safety mirrors. Our famous Splash Mirror launched us to become world leaders in the design of safety acrylic mirrors in 1999. Acrylic mirrors have the same brilliant, highly reflective surface as glass mirrors but are much lighter, shatterproof, and therefore safer.

I had said that I fancied some letters for the bathroom and we were sent SPLASH and some water drops, in additional to some smaller letters to make up the boys names.

The first thing I noticed when I got the letters (£7.25 each) where just how large they are.  They are over 20cm tall.  They fill the whole wall.  You adhere them to the wall or ceiling with pads that come with the mirrors.

Also as a parent or should that be a responsible parent I wanted to know that the mirrors are safe.   Well acrylic mirrors do not shatter and they are also 10 times stronger than glass.

We also received some smaller letters (£2.95), which are approx 10cm in height for each of the boys, again these adhere with the supplied pads.

The verdict

Yet again the mirrors are a real success.  We have had so many comments from people who have used the bathroom asking where we got them from.

They are brilliant for bouncing the light around and adding some interest to the bathroom, plus the fact is they are totally safe and I do not need to worry about them shattering in the bath when the boys are throwing toys around (I would never put a normal mirror above the bath).

The boys helped put their names on the wall and as long as you make sure that they go in  the right place first time round that is OK.  Once the pads are on the wall they are not easy to get down, which for me with two mischievous boys is a real bonus!

I also have to say that over 8 months later our original mirrors look as good as new, they have not come off the wall or had to be cleaned other than a gentle rub with a soft duster twice.

We love Mungai Mirrors, they really do put the finishing touch to a room and they have so many different selections to chose from, so there is something suitable for every occasion.

Also the lovely people at Mungai Mirrors have provided me with a discount code for everyone which will give a 10% discount of all purchases until the end of August – MM08