VTech Kiddizoom Video Camera

VTech very kindly sent Garden Girl a Kiddizoom Video Camera all of her own. She has been using it for about a week now and the novelty hasn’t worn off. She loves it. Its much better than just taking photos, although you can take pictures with it too. Before I handed it over to her I figured out how to make a simple movie. I showed her how to do this and she easily followed my lead. In fact only a few minutes later she came running back to me shouting ‘Look, Mum, look at this. Its great.’ She had independently figured out how to add cartoons to her films and play them back for me to look at. She isn’t yet four so for her to have been able to do this shows just how user friendly the controls are. And this is where the VTech Video Camera comes into its own. It has been very well designed for children; the buttons are easy to press, the menus easy to follow, even for children who can’t yet read, it is easy to hold, the screen is a good size and it is drop proof. I know this because I accidentally dropped it on our patio and it didn’t even flinch!

There are lots of features, including four times digital zoom, SD Card slot, 256MB internal memory, video editing, games and animations. It takes photos as well so you are getting two for one with this and makes it better value for money than the photo cameras. The only criticism is that the resolution is low, however I think ease of use and durability is far more important for a toddler camera. Garden Girl will be able to learn with this camera without having to rely on me to work it for her and when she is a bit older and becomes more proficient with it she will be able to make the transition to an adult version with confidence. I think its a brilliant first video camera and Garden Girl loves it too.

Check out Garden Girl’s Documentary about our garden here.