Britax B-Smart

I had trouble choosing a pram when I got pregnant, panicked and overwhelmed with the choice I wanted the lovely i-candy and was talked out of it, I lusted after a Bugaboo but that was out of our price bracket. Prams that I could lift and push, my husband had to push sideways (he is 6ft 3). I was distraught and thought I would have to carry the baby round in a sling until it could walk. Then someone told me about the new Britax B-Smart, it was a travel system, check, I could afford it, check, husband could push it, check, and I could lift it and collapse it with one hand, check.

So for the last 3 months I have been happy, people comment on it when in stores, not many people have it, you see so I am not a sheep! I am a leader of pram travel systems in my town and it’s good. In fact, it’s very good for the money, it’s a pram for life, apparently. It converts into a pushchair and it has a buggy board if other little people want to tag along for the ride. We didn’t buy the moses basket attachment as the main seat reclines to flat and with the cosy toes on it’s like a pram anyway. Although I would have loved the moses basket it was an extra £100 and didn’t seem necessary. It was nice though if you have space for loads of bits of pram. The B-Smart is simple, easy and affordable and the wheels have an excellent feature that can be easily taken off if you accidentally wheel yourself through mud or dog poo and need to wash them.

Right, downsides as nothing in life is perfect. I can’t find a way to hang pram toys from it, it has strange little elastic bits in the hood that I have no idea what they do. The main seat doesn’t fit in my car with the chassis, so baby ends up in the car seat if we go out in the car. Ideally, it would be good to be able to fit it all easily into a car, we have a Golf, its a family car.  I’m not trying to squeeze it into the boot of a Mini.  Plus, for ages I was super impressed with the hood pulling out to completely cover the pram when sunny and marveled at what I presumed, to be some crazy sort of sun shade only to be told by a friend it was a mosquito net panel and I should get a sun shade on it. Ooops.

All in all,  I think this is a very good buy