Boots: Latest Offers

Bottoms have been quite prominent in our house this last month, with Garden Boy potty training and Garden Lass pretty much filling her nappy with every feed. We are going through wipes at a rate faster than you can blink, so it is quite timely for Boots to have special offers on many of their wipes between 25th August and 21st September. Boots Baby Sensitive Wipes are on offer at 3 packs for £2.50, Johnsons Baby Bedtime range is available at an offer of 2 for £4 and Huggies Everyday and Pure wipes are only £1, so there really is an offer whatever your preferences.

Boots are also offering 2 packs of Pampers Baby Dry Economy Packs for £14 and have some great offers on Baby food such as 3 Boots Baby Organic Fruit Pots for £4, 2 Boots Baby Juices for £1, and 2 Heinz Cereals for £3. Garden Lass will be weaning soon (how did time fly by so quickly?) so I’ll be taking a look in store to stock up with these offers in preparation.

These offers are available between 25th August and 21st September and are subject to availability.