Banana Boat Suncream

Banana Boat sent us a sample of their Clear UltraMist Ultra Defence Sun Protection Spray and Ultra Defence Sun Protection Stick. When the sun eventually came out this weekend we decided to give it a go. The first thing that struck me was that with an SPF of 30 we would not be happy using these on our children. We only use SPF50. It just isn’t worth the risk with them, however I checked out the Banana Boat website and they do have a range of children’s products at SPF50, including one aimed at babies that has a tear free formula.

The UltraMist spray application was great. It comes out in a continuous very light, clear mist-like spray and you do not need to rub it in at all. I thought this was brilliant for applying sun lotion to kids. Just have them stand in front of you and spray all around. Very quick and very simple, it saves loads of time. You can even use it upside down for full coverage.  It is also great if you are reapplying on the beach or in the garden when you have muddy hands. Because you don’t have to rub it in you don’t get that horrible mixture of greasy sun lotion with mud or sand. A word of caution though – apply outdoors. The fine spray also went over our kitchen floor and made it slippy.

We used the sun protection stick on our faces. It was quick to apply and did not leave our faces looking greasy or shiny. It is also a great size to keep in your handbag so you always have emergency sun protection with you. Our Little Garden Helpers also loved this stick and quite happily rubbed it over their own faces at frequent intervals.

I was really impressed with the Banana Boat UltraMist application system and the 30SPF is fine for Garden Dad and myself. For our Little Garden Helpers we prefer the Kids Ultramist™ Tear Free Spray Lotion SPF 50, 175ml. It has the genius Ultramist application system, with Broadspectrum UVA/UVB protection, is tear free, alcohol free and fragrance free. It is also hypoallergenic, water resistent, dermatollogically tested and Pediatrician tested. That is pretty much everything you could want from a kids suncream.