Dinosaur Dash

I like sitting down with TB and playing games: board games; card games; anything with a solid set of rules really. He cheats otherwise. Only it’s not called cheating in his book, it’s called making sure he wins. The trouble is, it’s really difficult to find something challenging enough that he doesn’t get bored but at the same time not so difficult that he doesn’t want to play.

Dinosaur DashOne thing TB does love is dinosaurs; he greedily takes in the facts and remembers them, bringing out his knowledge at any opportunity possible. Last week we visited the Natural History Museum and he was in heaven. When I brought out Dinosaur Dash he screeched with excitement. We were off to the parents’ for dinner and he insisted he take the game with him. He picked who he wanted to play with him (Li’l Mister had to be on the sister’s team; he would have only wanted to eat his dinosaur!) and made sure he’d got the stegosaurus playing piece.

The aim of the game is to evolve your dinosaur through geoologic periods with the fastest dinosaur winning the game. A bit like snakes and ladders, there’s the chance to fast-track through to other periods (or get busted back to the Triassic period!) or you can evolve at a more regular pace. There’s also the chance to have a go at dinosaur-related activities (why oh why did someone give TB the card that told him to roar like a T-Rex!) or test your knowledge with dinosaur trivia. Each dinosaur trivia card contains three questions of varying difficulty so our kiddie experts can play along with us ignorant adults.

We had great fun with Dinosaur Dash and can see the game being brought out again and again. Our game came from the fabulous Clairabella, priced at £15. Clairabella sells a great range of traditional toys and games – definitely worth a look!