Lego Series Two Mini Figures Launched

We were sent some of the new series two Lego mini figures for the MiniMads.  Now the boys adore Duplo and Lego and love having lots of mini figures as they use them in lots of imaginative games.

Series Two launches tomorrow on the first September and features 16 never seen before characters.

Highlights of the Series 2 line up include a Disco Dude and a cool Surfer, there is also an Explorer,

Karate Master, Lifeguard, Mariachi, Mime Artist, Pharaoh, Pop Star, Ringmaster, Skier, Spartan Warrior, Traffic Cop, Vampire, Weightlifter and the Witch.

Each figure is sold in a sealed pack, RRP £1.99, now this is the issue for me as the boys only want the ones they don’t have and you can not see in to the package in any way.

But after the last launch a couple of websites produced a bar code decoder so you could work out what was in each packet before you bought it, so keep an eye out for them again.

A great pocket money treat.