Peter Rabbit Organic Juices

The nice people at Peter Rabbit Organics sent us some of their fruit juices for the minimads to try.  Now I don’t have the resources to often buy prepackaged drinks, so this was a real treat for the boys and we took them with us when we travelled to Bucklebury for the TRU Toyologist meet up.

The juices come in three flavours Apple & Grape, Apple & Blackcurrant and Pear and are a blend of water and organic fruit juice, with no added sugar or other artificial nasties.  They come in 150ml sized tetra pak cartons with a mini expandable straw.
After giving the boys Peter Rabbit pasta and sauces in the past I held out high hopes for these juices, but I have to say that the boys just didn’t like them.
The main complaint was that they were too watered down for them.  I tried them too and found all bar the Apple & Blackcurrant very weak indeed.  The thing is both the boys will drink water with no issue and also drink diluted fruit juice and squash, but they just wouldn’t drink the Peter Rabbit Organic Juices.
Maybe they will be better for a younger child who’s palate has not yet been exposed to other fruit based drinks.