Bobbin Bumblebee

Bobbin Bumblebee, £8.99
Reviewed as part of the Toys R Us Toyology programme

What is Bobbin Bumblebee?

Bobbin Bumblebee flies in a circle. The aim of the game is to stop him from knocking out your honeycomb by using a paddle to bat him out of the way. Lose all your honeycomb, and you’re out.

What we liked about Bobbin Bumblebee
My three year old son loves Bobbin Bumblebee and because you have to be quite dexterous with the paddles, it’s good for working on reaction times and motor skills. He is able to get it out of the box and slot the bits together by himself, which makes him feel very grown-up. More importantly – for me – he can put it away again!

What we didn’t like about Bobbin Bumblebee
The game is really flimsy and if you’re too boisterous with your paddling it can come apart. The honeycomb pieces get knocked off really easily and we’ve already lost several of them, thanks to marauding two year olds with magpie tendencies. We found the game was over really quickly as all the honeycomb pieces get knocked out within a minute or too.

A hit with the three year old, but it lost its novelty fairly quickly for me.