TaggaRoo Bibs

Garden Lass is starting to get her first teeth and she dribbles constantly. Within half an hour of getting dressed her chest is soaked through, so she has to wear a bib all the time to keep her clothes and her skin dry. Being a third child she has inherited bibs from her older siblings, most of which were used during their weaning stages and therefore have unsightly stains all over them. Consequently, no matter how well we dress Garden Lass, in all our photos she is pictured wearing an old soggy bib. And then I came across these lovely bibs from TaggaRoo.

Designed by a mum who clearly loves fabrics and vintage style, these bibs are something a little bit special. The high quality fabrics are soft against a baby’s skin and come in limited edition styles so you know that your baby will be wearing something a little bit different. TaggaRoo also offer a choice of backing, in either practical terry towelling or luxurious mink. I was very kindly sent the three bibs pictured above to review and Garden Lass wore them for my Grandparents Diamond Wedding anniversary. It was a pleasure to dress her in them and because the designs are so lovely the bibs looked like part of her pretty outfit. Lots of people commented on how lovely they were and I didn’t feel the need to whip them off for all the family photos that were inevitably taken at the occasion.

Beauty hasn’t compromised practicality however, as the bibs are a great size for a baby (I find many baby bibs are too small and end up swivelling around to the back of the neck rather than resting on the baby’s chest but these stayed put because they were bigger). They have two poppers to allow for your growing baby and are suitably absorbent. They are also very well made and have an overall look and feel of high quality.

TaggaRoo also sell lovely baby blankets with the same attention to detail and in similarly beautiful limited edition fabrics and I think that both the bibs and blankets make excellent gifts for new babies. New mums will be thrilled to receive something a little bit different and will appreciate the special quality of the TaggaRoo products. And if you have a special event to attend where you want you little one to look fabulous down to the last detail, then I absolutely recommend taking a look at the TaggaRoo website. You won’t be able to resist! The designs pictured above have only just been completed and are available to buy online now along with some other stunning products.