Silly Billyz Bibs

The Silly Billyz bib is the perfect bib for young babies just starting to wean. Garden Lass at 4 months is just starting to take her first tastes of food but, as you would expect for someone of her age, most of it ends up down her front. The Silly Billyz bib is just the right size to cover her up and protect her clothing without getting in her way. It is also very soft, making it very comfortable for her to wear. With its waterproof backing and stain resistant fleece it is ideal for young babies who are experimenting with their first foods. It is machine washable and can go in the tumble dryer which I find convenient over the winter months when things take a long time to dry indoors.

In order to fully road test the bibs stain resistant and washing claims I gave the bib to Garden Boy to wear for a meal of tomato pasta sauce and apple and blackberry pie. Garden Boy likes to pretend he his flying rocket ships into mouth or sending trains chugging through a tunnel and often gets carried away, especially when his aeroplanes loop the loop. Mess is a given when he is eating, so the bib was suitably splattered by the end of the meal. I put the bib in with my normal wash and it claim out as good as new.

The bibs come in a range of colours and styles so you can opt to have one with long sleeves or if you have a particularly messy eater there is a long sleeved, longed bodied bib aptly named ‘the messy eater’.

Silly Billyz bibs are available to buy at a number of retailers including amazon.