Peppa Pig Live Show

Photo by Pete Jones

Garden Girl and Garden Boy were absolutely thrilled when we were given the opportunity to go and see Peppa Pig Live. They both watch the TV programme every morning and really love the characters and I have to admit that of all the programmes they watch on TV Peppa Pig is my favourite. The reason we love the show so much is that the stories are simple, funny and about everyday family life. The live show has maintained this simple, family fun theme and stays true to the TV programme.

The show is roughly an hour long with an interval and tells the story of Peppa’s birthday party. It is funny, energetic and engaging. I was a little concerned when I realised they would be using puppets, rather then people in costumes, that the children would be distracted by the puppeteers, but they didn’t mind at all. In fact, I think it worked better with puppets because the actors were able to put more personality into them. We took our Garden Helpers friend, Toddler Boy along with us and all three of them loved it. Garden Boy was dancing in his seat with a big grin on his face and spent most of the show craning forward on the edge of his seat just trying to get that little bit closer to the action. Garden Girl and Toddler Boy were dancing in the aisles and singing along to the Bing Bong song. And all three of them were joining the shout outs and clapping.

Photo by Pete Jones

There is a brilliant moment in the show when a butterfly lands on Peppa’s nose when even I almost held my breath so as not to scare it away. Garden Girl loved this. Garden Boy, a huge fan of George Pig, was engrossed as soon as George popped up at the window of Peppa’s house, giggling as he played hide and seek. And Toddler Boy loved the train which Daddy Pig drove and inevitably caused to break down. There was no chance of a young child losing interest as the story moved forward from scene to scene with more humour and new adventures at just the right pace to hold their attention. Garden Boy is 2 and was totally engaged from start to finish. For them, the only disappointment was the interval – all three of them spent it asking me over and over again when Peppa Pig was coming back on stage!

If there is a showing near your town I absolutely think you should go. Your children will love it.

More details about Peppa Pig Live including ticket prices and venues can be found here.