Katvig Kids Clothing at Barnyard Kids

There are clever and stupid ways to spend more than £10 on baby clothing. The stupid way is to buy something branded or with a designer logo on it, the clever way is to buy something made from scrummy organic cotton that you know is ethically made and will last.

When the lovely Helene at Barnyard Kids got in touch with us to offer some Katvig clothing to deck our littlest out in, I jumped at the chance. We’ve always found organic cotton clothing to be extremely well wearing, well made and properly cut to fit the actual age group in question. It’s obviously possible to spend less on clothing but I can pretty much guarantee it won’t feel as soft, fit as well, or last as long.

Katvig are a Danish company that make environmentally friendly (read here to see just how seriously they take the environment) children’s clothing. Some of their clothes are even made from recycled plastic bottles which is a bit mind boggling until you read that the bottles are ground up and used to make polyester. I had originally envisaged some sort of green plastic armour. There’s still an unexploited niche out there after all!

The Katvig organic purple and pink stripe bodysuit as modelled by Fifi is absolutely lovely. This review has been a couple of weeks coming as we’ve been determined to wash the heck out of the thing- an easy task when your daughter is keen on i) jumping in puddles and ii) blackberrying but it still looks as good as new. Fifi is still in a nappy but the cut of the cloth accommodates that nicely and its always good to see a label thats printed rather than stitched in- there’s less there to irritate a baby’s neck.

Barnyard Kids regularly review their suppliers to ensure they’re as ethical as can be, and in addition to Katvig also supply a lot of other premium Scandinavian brands like Smafolk,  Ej sikke lej, Molo, DUNS Sweden, Urban Elk, Moccis and Ida T. You can guarantee if you put your baby or toddler in any of these, you’re not likely to meet anyone wearing the same clothing at baby group, so you do get a bit of exclusivity too.

Barnyard Kids is a family run business and you can browse their wares here. Postage on orders over £20 is free, so there isn’t an excuse not to but your nipper in something cute.