Footprint Bag : Stylish and Practical Reusable Shopping Bags

When it comes to ditching the plastic bag I am well intentioned, but frequently unsuccessful. Mainly because I forget things. The other day I visited a friend only to discover when I arrived that I had forgotten to take any formula for Garden Lass. Luckily I only live round the corner but its not the first time I have done this. I once shunted Garden Boy out of the front door in a rush to get to playgroup on time only for him to complain, quite loudly, that his socks were wet. I had forgotten to put his shoes on! So, remembering to take a shopping bag with me when I leave the house is quite a challenge.

But like I said I am well intentioned. I do want to stop using plastic bags. I want to be able to say ‘yes’ when the cashier asks me if I have brought my own bags, so I set about searching for the perfect reusable shopping bag and I found it, in the form of the Footprint Bag. These bags were designed by two mums who were fed up with carting around and storing bulky reusable shopping bags, but they didn’t just throw together an ordinary fold up bag. They thought carefully about their design and came up with what I think is a brilliant product.

Firstly, all the bags are made from parachute material so they are strong bags. You can fill them with heavy items without worrying that the bottom will drop out.  The wide handles are comfortable to hold even when the bags are full. There is no skin pinching that you get with thinner handles. They also look stylish which is a bonus. And because they are real mums who know the hassles of supermarket shopping with children, they have also attached a trolley coin to each pack to save you dragging your children in circles trying to locate a pound coin. And you can attach the bags to your trolley so you don’t have to rummage for them at the end of your shopping trip when the children are getting tired and you are feeling harrassed.

But the really great thing for me is that the 4 pack fits in my handbag. Since the pack arrived for me to review, the compact and stylish pack has lived in my handbag, available for any in promptu shopping trip whether its groceries, clothes or a trip to the library. The four bags fold up easily into small bundles and slide into neat pockets. Having four bags is a real bonus because I often find myself buying more than I had intended. Or I will fill a couple of bags at the supermarket, then find I need another to carry home all the crafty things Garden Girl has made at school.

I chose the 4 pack because I tend to do my bulk shopping online but if you do a large shop in the supermarket there is an eight pack available and if you can’t decide between the four pack and eight pack, a six pack will be available very soon. The use of parachute material means that these bags have a long life but they are really not expensive to begin with and are well worth the money.

You can buy Footprint Bags from their website and they have very kindly offered all our readers a 10% discount. Just enter the code FPB56210 at checkout (minimum order £5) to claim your discount.