Monza Board Game by Haba

I have to admit it had not occurred to me to play board games with toddlers until we went to speech therapy and there is a session of board game playing at the end of each session. I have to admit we have varying rates of success. However, I have bought a few board games for home and they do add to our choice of toys to play with, so when we were kindly sent a copy of Monza it was very gratefully received.

Obviously very loosely based on the famous race track Monza is a board game featuring little cars which have to go around a race track. Toddler Boy actually really enjoys and asks to play for it. Its not a difficult game to grasp or one that is hugely complicated. But it has cars, dice and a race rack, what more could a little boy ask for?

I like this game, ‘fun to play, has enough pieces not to worry about losing a few and is really easy to explain to toddlers. It encourages a bit of strategic thinking and also helps with colour recognition. I can see myself buying it as a present for a few little toddlers I know. If you want to get a copy you can get hold of one here.

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