The best way to describe the HappyHopperz is by quoting Garden Boy;

‘It Boingy toy. Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing….’

The HappyHopperz is a fabulous take on the space hopper that we all know and love from our youth. I actually bought a space hopper for our Little Garden Helpers a little while ago. They had seen them on TV and wanted to try it out and with great memories from my own childhood of bouncing around on a big round ball I happily indulged. But they are just too young. Garden Girl has just turned four and Garden Boy is two and their feet just don’t reach the ground.

The HappyHopperz however,  is shaped to provide a toddler with a stable seat to sit on and they are the ideal size for little legs to reach the floor. You can adjust the size according to how much air you put into it so you can make it fit your child. It is easy and very quick to inflate with a foot pump (although there is a challenge in there for us adults to blow it up with just five big breaths! We couldn’t manage it but you might have stronger lungs!). Once inflated it feels sturdy and strong. I wouldn’t advice bouncing it on a bed of nails but the flexible, soft material is very strong and will put up with the rough and tumble of a pair of excited toddlers.

The Christmas Reindeer is pictured here but we were given a blue cow to test and both Garden Girl and Garden Boy love it. Garden Boy in particular has been riding on it for endless amounts of time, giggling and shouting ‘boing, boing, boing’ as he bounces off across the room. The videos on the HappyHopperz website do not do the toy justice, by the way. You would think from these, that it is a stationary toy and that the children can’t really bounce across the floor with it but they can bounce a long way, fast. Take a peek at Garden Boy here.

Garden Boy on HappyHopperz

There are lots of designs to choose from but all of them are really cute. The animal ears and horns make up the handles for your toddler to hold onto and both Garden Girl and Garden Boy prefer to hold the horizontal ears, rather than the upright horns. I have to admit that this looks much more comfortable, so I would recommend choosing one of the designs with ears that are on the side of the head rather than the top.

The recommended age for this toy, as with most toys, is 3+, but Garden Boy turned two in June and has a brilliant time with it so don’t think they are too big or too difficult for younger children.

I really can’t find anything to fault this toy. It is guaranteed to generate giggles, is excellent quality and great fun. If you are starting to think about Christmas this really should make it onto your list of must-have toys. My only question is, when will the adult version be released?

HappyHopperz retail at £21.99 (+P&P) and can be bought from the Happy Hopperz website.