The No-Tray High Chair

We all have things in life that really annoy us. I mean the little things like people who speak on their mobile phones when they are being served in a shop or those sachets of tomato ketchup you get at service stations that are impossible to open. I’m generally a positive person but I have quite a long list of little annoyances and high up on that list are over complicated high chairs. My children don’t need a high chair that will swivel 360 degrees, recline so far back they might just go asleep or be covered in luxury leather. All they need is a basic high chair that is safe, can be pulled up to the table and is easily cleaned.

So when I discovered that the PR for the No-Tray High Chair were looking for reviews I was happy to oblige. Now I don’t actually own one of these high chairs because when I was looking for a high chair for Garden Girl, a little under 4 years ago I had no idea they were available to buy for individuals and much as I like these award winning chairs (they won the silver Practical Parenting award this year) I do already have 2 high chairs, so it seemed a bit silly for them to send me another. However, like many of you reading this are sure to have done, I have used these chairs numerous times in restaurants and I never fail to be impressed by them.

They are a simple design and are usually found in a natural lacquered wood but are also available in a stained brown colour or a fun blue. They will look stylish in pretty much any kitchen and the wood is easy to clean, even when stains have dried on. I know this because I have had to clean them many times in restaurants when the previous user has failed to clean up after their little one (another bug bear of mine!). But the best thing about these fantastic chairs is that they are designed to allow your baby to sit at the table and feed with the whole family rather than have to be set back to make room for a tray. This is especially important when your little one has talkative older siblings as it is difficult enough for them to get a word in most of the time without being further impeded by distance from the table.

They are also stackable so if you have twins or two young children in high chairs this is a great way of saving space without having to deal with complicated and time consuming ‘foldable’ high chair systems and the traditional solid birch wood frame and seat is very sturdy so you can be confident that your child is safe in their chair. There are simple toys on the high chair that are entertaining enough to keep you little one occupied while they wait for their food but which don’t have so many bells and whistles they will be distracted from their food when it arrives. I always thought that these chairs were made for use in restaurants and were not available to the public. Had I known this was not the case I would definitely have considered one of these chairs 4 years ago.

These chairs retail at £75 and are available to buy from JoJoMaman Bebe and PoppyBaby or direct from the Scandinavian Selection website. And if you have older children who no longer need to be strapped in but can’t quite reach the table, they also make a fabulous looking chair for toddlers, called My Chair which you can find details about here.