Superbaby by Dr. Jenn Berman

Superbaby is one of those enormously massive parenting books which aims to give you ’12 ways to give your child a head start in the first three years’. I’m a sucker for these parenting books, partly as I am curious and partly because I really would love to find ‘the answer’.
I happily read through this book, well, the first few chapters of it. Then I started to find a few things I didnt agree with, then I looked at it a bit more skeptically and then I didn’t like it. Without sounding too Anglocentric, the approach is very American and some of it is a bit alien to me.
I was actually a bit upset by the book, as it was so sanctimonious in parts I felt like a terrible mother.The bit about television watching, or rather why you shouldn’t let your child watch put me off the entire book. I have never read a parenting book which has brought out such emotions in me. However, I persevered and finished it. I then put it down for a while and have started to use it as a bit of a reference book.
I think this book works really well as a reference book, and on reflection there are some really good ideas, tips and some great common sense advice about certain issues.  In fact, since I have been dipping in and out of  it to remind myself about various issues. I have  taken on board some of the advice and tips and they have been very helpful.
So, I’ve come full circle with this book, it’s  full of easy, everyday ideas to help you encourage your child’s development. There’s a great bit on baby massage, and some common sense stuff about pre-school’s which I am going to give to every mother that I talk to. I think it’s  well worth a read, you can buy it here.

  • Published by Sterling (11 Sep 2010) ISBN-13: 978-1402770333