Plum Baby Food

For the past couple of weeks Garden Lass has been dining like a princess, all thanks to Plum Baby. We started to wean Garden Lass at 4 months on the advice of our health visitor and also because she was showing all the signs of being ready. She was reaching forwards eagerly to try and reach our own food, her eyes following every mouthful. She can hold her head very well and is almost able to sit unsupported. She also chews anything and everything she can get near her mouth and has already got two teeth.

We started her off with individual puréed fruit and vegetables, such as apple, pear and carrot and she gobbled it all up as if she had been eating them her whole life so we were quickly ready to introduce her to a wider range of foods and combinations of flavours. This is where Plum Baby came in with their fabulous range of food for babies. Garden Lass has enjoyed every mouthful, completely finishing every meal we have given her, apart from once when we were at a friends house and I think she was too distracted by the older children playing. Garden Lass’s eagerness and obvious enjoyment of the food is enough for me to know that Plum Baby are offering great tasting food. I have always maintained that no-one should give their babies food they would not eat themselves and I would happily eat all the flavours Plum Baby sent Garden Lass to try. In fact, if Plum Baby repackaged their Blueberry, banana and vanilla purée they could easily get away with selling it as a delicious, fruity sauce for ice cream!

However, as a mum who wants the very best for her baby I am also very interested in the ingredients of any food I give to my daughter and I am impressed with the quality and content of Plum Baby food. Everything they make is 100% organic and responsibly sourced with absolutely no additives or preservatives. The recipes simply contain tasty, nutritional food with lots of flavour. The use of superfoods which are rich in important nutrients are key to their recipes, as is the use of quinoa. Full of protein, minerals and healthy fatty acids the team at Plum baby believe quinoa is a much better grain for your little one than rice.

Plum Baby food comes packaged in either small, meal sized pots or in pouches which are resealable. I like to use the pots at home as I can feed Garden Lass straight from them, without the need for a bowl, but the pouches are great when we are out and about, as I just need to squirt the right amount onto a spoon and I can reseal the pouch whenever she has had enough (if she ever actually leaves any!). I have absolutely no complaints about the Plum Baby range of food and neither does Garden Lass. Her huge happy smile at every meal time is testament to their great recipes.

You can buy Plum Baby food from a number of retailers including Boots, Tesco and Sainsburys as well as from the Plum Baby online shop.