bumGenius Nappies- The Chelsea Perry Collection

BumGenius are really well known for their fab, ultra soft real nappies, they have just created some limited edition print nappies. They are available in the UK  here. You can pick from five limited edition prints dubbed ‘The Tiny Socialite Collection’ – the first in the ‘Artist Series’ to be launched throughout 2010 and 2011. These are  a bold abstract graphic, created by renowned artist Chelsea Perry. They are a million miles away from cutesy baby designs and without doubt  babies wearing these nappies have the coolest bots on the block!

We were lucky enough to be sent some before they are available in the shops, you can get them from November.  We like real nappies in our house having used them on both the children and now I’m an auntie they are all getting a third outing. The popper fastenings are the brilliant thing about these nappies, along with the fact that they are ultra soft (even after many washes- I know from experience). With lots of real nappies you have to wrestle the baby into a nappy wrap, but with these, the wraps are built in.

We tried the nappies on my niece and they looked very cool. Her mum was impressed by the ease of use and the poppers which made them even more simple to use. She has promised to write a full review here when they have had a thorough test. Suffice to say, so far, they are very impressed.

The nappies are available in the following designs (pictured above)

Black and white: Eiffel Tower

Yellow and white: Free Spirit

Teal and lavender: Retail Therapy

Red and light green: Concrete Jungle

Blue and twilight: Jet Setter
You can buy them here