Review: Mungai Mirrors

Mungai Mirrors produce beautiful acrylic shaped mirrors which are perfect for any house that has children. I have been on the hunt for safe mirrors for our house for a long time. The quest has taken me far and wide so when I was contacted by Mungai Mirrors I was more than happy to oblige. You see, when I was about three I had a terrible accident when I ran into a mirror. I still have the facial scars to show and my poor mother must have been totally distraught. I am acutely aware of the dangers that mirrors can pose for children, but also what an important part that they can play in their development. That’s why I think the idea of acrylic mirrors is so good.

Mungai Mirrors produce an enormous range of designs, we were given a ballerina, a rocket blast and some letters which made up the children’s names. They were works of art in the own right. Toddler Boy loves his rocket blast mirror, its totally in line with his love of all things space he saw it an insisted we put it up straight away. He then spent the next half an hour bouncing on his bed looking at himself in the mirror. Fifi’s ballerina mirror has been jealously eyeballed by Garden girl who may well find one in her Christmas sack, it looks lovely in Fifi’s girly bedroom.

For any of you who are looking at these and wondering how on earth you can put them up so they look so professional, well it’s simple. The mirrors come with sticky fixers, you stick them onto the back of the mirror, peel off the backing and place them onto the wall. Simple, easy and fairly instant.
Mirrors provide an important role in a child’s awareness of self, they can be used to stimulate conversation, games and hilarity as faces are pulled and so forth. I have not come across many places that sell mirrors which are totally safe for children and Mungai Mirrors do this at such a reasonable price that I will be recommending them to all my friends.