Plum Baby Snack Range

When Plum Baby sent Garden Lass some of their fabulous baby food to try out they also included some of their healthy snack food which Garden Lass is too young for at the moment. Garden Girl and Garden Boy (ages 4 and 2) didn’t need much persuasion to try them out for me though and I was actually quite surprised. I had stopped giving them snacks that were specifically aimed at toddlers quite a while ago. I’m not sure why really. I guess as I stopped visiting the baby aisle for baby meals I just stopped picking up the extras too and they soon moved on to sharing packets of normal crisps with me and eating biscuits I had bought for myself.

And I suppose I also made an assumption that the baby ranges would not satisfy their tastes. I was wrong. They have both been really enjoying the Plum Baby range of biscuits, crisps and bread sticks. Garden Girl’s favourite are the Minky Moons which she describes as ‘crunchy croissants’ while Garden boy loves the tomato and herb breadsticks. And I have to admit that I have also been munching my way through the breadsticks and crisps as well. I was actually really surprised by how much Garden Girl and Garden Boy enjoyed these snacks and I will now be keeping some in my cupboards, because they are so much healthier than our usual snacks.

The biggest selling point for me is the lack of salt. There is so much salt added to our usual selection of savoury snacks, be it crackers, bread sticks or crisps and there is an absolute minimum of salt in the Plum range. There is also no added sugar in any of the snacks they make and as with all the food made by Plum the ingredients are 100% organic. Made with wholegrain’s and using only natural flavours, you can’t really go wrong with these snacks.

The only thing I would say is that the flavours are quite mild but this has clearly not put our Little Garden Helpers off eating them, so I think they will be happy with these for a while. But I would love to see a Plum range of snacks, aimed at slightly older children that is packaged to appeal to them and which perhaps has slightly stronger flavours than the current ranges, but with the same healthy ingredients. For younger children though, I think the Plum Baby snacks are a brilliant, healthy way of adding to a sandwich or providing some extra energy between meals.

To see the full range of Plum Snack food have a look at their website here.