Giveaway: Gloworm Playgym

A few weeks ago one of our team reviewed the Playskool Gloworm Playgym and those fab people at Playskool have offered one Mummy Reviews reader the chance to get win one of their very own. All you need do is to leave a comment below telling us what you think would be the best toy for your baby. You also need to leave some contact details, if you don’t I’m afraid you wont be entered.

The winner will be picked at random at 12 noon on 1 November 2010 and will be contacted directly shortly after. The prize will be sent directly from the PR company. UK residents only.

  • BG loves make believe toys at the moment, I would like a play kitchen for her. This gym would be ideal for my sister who is pregnant with her first child.

  • Liz Burton

    I thought I’d entered already! Oops. My baby’s not a baby anymore, but I have a new nephew :0)

    Play gyms are great, lots of stimulation and this one looks lovely.


  • Sonia

    Oh my baby Maxwell would love this!! He is only a few weeks old and is just starting to look at toys and follow things so he would have a great time lay under this!!

    My Twitter is @soniathorpe

  • Would love to win it for a pregnant friend.. would make a great baby shower gift! 🙂


  • Louise

    my eldest loved her rattle, basic but always s winner

  • Kathy

    I have a new cousin-once-removed. I haven’t bought him a present yet (oops!) But I am technically his great cousin, so I don’t have to try hard! He is called Cameron Brown, which sounds rather Prime Ministerial, so maybe his favourite thing might be an expenses form? I’m sure he’d love a Gloworm Playgym as much though.

  • This would be perfect for Little E – she was 10 weeks yesterday!

    The best toy for my baby would be an actual glow worm that I could leave next to her in the cot so I can see without turning the light on during those late night feeds.


  • fabulous prize! Liv loved her play gym! Now the best toy for her would have to be a toddler gym! Lots of things to climb, jump on and slide down 🙂 simone x

  • Claire Nelson

    My son loved his play gym and anything with lights and music. Some of our best friends had twins last week and so we got them some musical toys as arrival gifts.

  • Ooooh Playgyms are great for baby’s and it was the best toy for our Dot because she had so much freedom to kick and loved talking to her ‘people’.

    My two are two big for playgyms but my cousin is due in January and it’d be the perfect Welcome gift! 🙂


    (email addy is in the email bit!)

  • This is the only gym you’ll get me near to! It’s fabulous for the little ones, I love to watch them play and hear them chortle!

    Liz @FMCoach

  • Catherine Miller

    I brought a portable zip up one of these for a friend and that was fab for them to take to other friend’s houses! This one looks great!


  • tracey rollings

    any soft material with bright colours would be suitable for my cousins 4month old baby (mine are two old these days) ideally something like the play gym that was reviewed

  • L Warren

    This would make a fab first toy for my baby that’s not even born yet!

    I actually think the best toy a baby could have is a play gym, for lots of reasons. It gives baby some stimulation, allows tummy time, promotes independence, encourages hand/eye co-ordination and allows mummy to grab a cuppa!

    A fab prize all round 😀


  • Jasmine

    my daughter-in-law is due to have her first baby late dec, I would love this to give to her. I think play gyms are th best to stimulate a babies awareness.


    My great niece would love this Playgym!
    It’s a long time since we have had a baby girl in the family.
    So love to win this for her. xxxx


  • Vita

    Love the look of this babygym, lots to stimulate without to much to overwhelm! I’m due in January, so this would be lovely for my bump when it arrives! As an 80’s child myself i am quite excited by the retro feel to this with the glo-worms, and love the fact it is musical (however cheesy!).

  • Hayley

    I think the best toy would be something not toy like as my little man is much more interested in remote controls, phones, the microwave……

  • Sarah foran

    Lovely baby gym, I have always loved all leapfrog toys for my children, great company with great ideas. I love the sit in rockers/jumpers,all my 3 loved them and I will shortly be investing in one for my new nephew!

  • Ryan

    My baby would love a gloworm playgym.

  • Kirsty

    My little man would be hugely happy with a playgym, something to keep him occupied while his big sister is at school and I have housework and other jobs to do 😉
    this is a fab prize! xx

  • Anna Helm

    I would love to be included in your prize draw please. I have shared on Facebook so hopefully this will give you some more entries x

  • Fiona Firth

    My son loves his rattles and anything he can reach out and try to grab. He dosen’t have a playgym and this would be perfect for him. 🙂

  • Mchelle Weston

    My baby girl would love this play gym, and leapfrog is such a well know toy brand :0) xx

  • Priscilla Stubbs

    Just in time for new baby niece/nephew due next month

  • Julie Marlow

    Hiya i’m @Juliejesta on twitter. Just incase I win. 🙂
    I entered my email too.

    My baby isn’t a baby anymore, he’s 2 now. But my niece Saffron is just 2 weeks old 🙂

    Jenson’s best toy … Thats hard!

    His favourite was a tiny moo cow beanie teddy, the free cow&gate one! It went everywhere, then we lost it, not good. Contacted them and they sent up 2, 1 to play with and a spare. 🙂

    I think his best toy was a ride-on car. Before he could walk he could lean on it for support, then whilst learning to walk he could hold the ‘rear wing’ bit and helped him walk. Now he runs about with it shouting about racing cars, telling me “look mummy, hamiltons car goes really fast!” 🙂 It was only 6 pounds in a sale, and its official mclaren stock. 🙂

  • Wendy McDonald

    The ELC activity triangle was a firm favourite with my baby boy! He loved the colours and the sounds. He is one now but I have a new nephew who would love this gym. I’m sure my little lad wouldn’t be too big to enjoy playing with his cousin on it though!! @wendymcd83

  • Shalene

    This is so cute, would be great for my friends baby

  • I would love this for my friend who has just had twins.

    The best toy for my little one would be a baby walker. He is desperate to walk before he can crawl and he’s only 7 months.

  • Isabel

    I will give birth this month and this playgym looks like the perfect stimulating activity for my new baby to interact with. It would be a great present for my baby! Another one that I am looking into is a visual toy to leave on his cot for the first few weeks, with vibrant colous, which I have been told all babies love.