Mama Jewels- review and discount code

One of the things I miss now that I have a baby is being able to wear a nice necklace, not much point when Lily Bean pulls, grabs, eats and vomits over it, so my lovely charm necklace now lives in the cupboard.

Imagine my delight when i found out about Mama Jewels; a rather fabulous range of jewellery specifically for  mummys to look fabulous in and babies to try their hardest to break. The lovely lady at Mama Jewels very kindly sent me a ‘flower pendant nursing necklace’ in lovely silvers and grey (how did she know my wardrobe of black and grey needed jazzing up) and I must admit from the moment I opened the beautiful packaging I was smitten.

Its fabulous, I would wear it if it wasnt so multifunctional. You can sterilise it, its a teether, and  its baby proof (unbreakable).

I’ve been wearing it a few days now and have had a few comments on how can I let baby play with my necklace and on how nice it is. Whats good about it is that baby loves it, the light reflects off it and she can hold one of the beads and stare at it entranced and when she does want to put it in her mouth its all fine.

So all in all, I am going back to buy another one in a different colour, I’ve got my eye on the one with the heart on the bottom next. Plus this month Mamma Jewels are offering 20% off with the code OCT20 CAM1 at checkout. So if you have a brand new breast feeding mummy friend then check out the breast feeding bracelets, a brilliant idea, and so much nicer than a hairband on the wrist.

All in all, I wish I had thought of this mummy idea, go check them out: