Be Baby Light and Sounds Baby View Mirror

Garden Lass is usually a very chilled out baby. At home she is contented to sit and watch her older brother and sister play, bouncing her chair when she gets excited. Or else, she is propped up on her elbows gazing at the world around her and trying her hardest to crawl to the nearest toy left on the floor by Garden Girl and Garden Boy. But as soon as I put her in her car seat she starts to cry. Getting out of the house each morning is a challenge as I put her in her car seat then chase Garden Boy around trying to get him to put his coat or shoes on. I don’t blame her for the screams. It is chaos. And if I then lift the car seat into the pushchair travel system and set out walking Garden Lass will calm down and smile up at me. Unfortunately this doesn’t follow through with the car. If I lift the car seat into the car the crying continues for quite a long time before she calms down.

So when the opportunity came to review the Be Baby Light and Sounds Baby View Mirror from Tomy, I was thrilled. Normally when we receive toys it is the children who can’t get into the box fast enough, but this time it was me who was eager to get the toy fitted in the car as quickly as possible. So has it brought peace to the car?

Thankfully, yes! The cute little pictures that light up on the mirror and the 7 tunes that play in rotation are enough to distract Garden Lass from her tears and keep her calm while I strap the oldest two into their seats and set off on our journey. And then, once the car has been moving for a while and she is lulled by the motion I can use the very handy remote control to turn the music off. This means you don’t have to continue listening to the same 7 tunes on rotation long after your baby has fallen asleep! The remote control has just one button so is very easy to use and if your little one gets grumpy later in the journey you can reactivate the mirror whenever you want simply by pressing the button again. And of course, even when the music isn’t playing, Garden Lass can look at her own gorgeous big eyes and happy face in the mirror!

And so can I. If you position the mirror in the right place, when your child is in a rear facing car seat, you can see their reflection in your rear view mirror which mean you can keep a close eye on them. I find this really handy when we are on a long car journey. And the mirror is really easy to attach to the headrest of a car seat. It wasn’t in the least bit complicated to fit and when Garden Lass moves into a front facing seat it will be possible to attach the mirror to the headrest of the seat in front.

This toy has really reduced the stress of setting out on a car journey for us and I think it is one of the very best car toys we have tried. The Lights and Sounds Mirror retails at £24.99 and can be bought from a number of retailers, or direct from the Tomy website here.