GeeGee Friends: Westphalian family of horses by Revell

A review by Jessica aged 9:

These two horses and a foal are brilliant child’s play toys. They come with two blankets, two halters with two lead ropes attached, one bridle and one saddle with a matching saddlecloth. The horses also come with one apple, sugar cubes and a brush to care for them.

You can play a range of horsy games with these wonderful girly ponies. You have to be quite careful if you have small brothers or sisters as they come with small accessories. I would recommend these fun play toys to anyone who likes horses.

Jessica’s Mum’s review:

These provided great entertainment as both my 9 year old and my 4 year old were fighting over playing with them.

They both played quite imaginative games with them – my daughter played for hours dressing them and putting them in some stables that she made for them.  They were ridden around by her dolls and they were groomed and taken to jumping competitions!!

For anyone that loves horses, or for any young girl, I would highly recommend them.  They are well made and well equipped with accessories and will provide hours of fun.

You can buy Gee Gee Friends here.