Richard Scarry's Best Christmas Book Ever

With Christmas just around the corner its useful to stock up on a few seasonal reads and Richard Scarry’s Best Christmas Book Ever is one of those essentials. I was first given a Richard Scarry book by the mother in law, she used to read them with the husband. That night when I produced the book for bedtime reading the husband was perhaps more excited than the children. This started us off on a path which has lead to us purchasing all his books and them becoming firm favourites.

Reprinted from the original which was published in 1981 this book is without doubt a classic Christmas read. I feel sure that you will recognise the illustrations as integral parts of your childhood. It’s full of stories, illustrations of things to count and discuss and is simply a treasure trove of Christmas-ness.

Richard Scarry’s best Christmas book ever is available to buy here. You will also find lots of his other books there. It’s published by Sterling Publishing Co. and the ISBN is 978-1-4027-7218-4