Revell Micro Hue Attack Helicopter

IR remote controlled helicopters suddenly seem very big news. It wasn’t that long ago that you’d have to pay through the nose for one either but now here we are in a position where you can buy one for under £50, charge it through the remote control and a few minutes later begin destroying the light fittings.
The Revell Super Hue IR remote control helicopter is indoors only, and given how light the actual helicopter itself is, I haven’t questioned this. A strong breeze and it would become the next hapless plaything of next doors cat.
The helicopter itself is a natty army green affair with a big chunky AA battery powered remote control that’s as at home in the hands of an adult as it is for an 8 year old. Controls are simple, up/down on the left stick, lateral movement on the right stick, with a couple of shoulder buttons to correct excessive rotation.
I must admit I wasn’t anywhere near as capable a pilot as the youngster, or as I wanted to be. I could make it go up and down, and spin wildly in the air and that was about it. I was beginning to think that was its sum repotoire of its abilities until I handed it over to the boy. I really am getting too old for this sort of thing, it’s depressing.
The hue is light enough not to horribly and irrevocably damage most things round the house but robust enough to survive being rammed repeatedly into the ceiling at high speed, which it will be until you get the hang of it. The instructions say you’ll get about 6 minutes of flight out of a 20 minute charge and that seems about right to be honest.
All in all, a valuable addition to the stockpile of child distraction devices we have in the house. At least its not a Transformer, I’m getting sick of trying to work out how they transform!

(Guest post by Dave and son)