My Style Jewellery Making Kits by Revell

I passed these My Style Jewellery Making Kits on to a friends daughter to have a go with. They are aimed at ages 6+ and friend’s daughter has just turned 7 so they looked ideal. This is what her mum had to to say about them:

These jewellery making sets were fabulous for my girl. She’s 7 and a girl’s girl, so pink and pretty, pretty much defines her. She was eager to try these kits and sat quietly stringing the beads. She wanted to follow the design shown in the booklet and needed me to show her how to do this. Then when she knew what she was doing she was able to continue onĀ  her own. It wasn’t like just stringing bead after bead onto a piece of string like a lot of similar kits. This was more challenging, with the loops and double bead rows, so it kept her occupied longer. She made mistakes. She had to redo bits but it was achievable and the end result was a bracelet she was proud of making. Something she had put time into, not something strung together in 2 minutes. And they look good finished. She is happy to wear it and show it off to her friends. I suggested she make the necklace for her best friend’s Christmas present. She was eager to get started. These kits have been a brill half term activity and one Christmas present wrapped up. That’s me smiling too.

So there you have it. A brilliant gift for a girl that loves pretty things, either made up as a special gift for a special friend or in its kit form for a crafty girl to make herself. Friend’s daughter showed me the finished bracelet and I was really impressed. Her best mate is going to be thrilled with her Christmas present. So if your daughter has a best mate that she wants to buy a Christmas present for, think about getting her to make one of these, or if she loves making things herself these are ideal stocking fillers. There are lots of different kits to choose from, so for more information about the range visit the Revell website or to purchase kits visit The Entertainer Toy Shop.