Thomas Take n Play Knapford Station

This toy was reviewed as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme

Thomas Take n Play Knapford Station  RRP £24.99

The Thomas Take n Play is an ingenious toy that was initially underrated by our testers.  The self-contained carry case opens out into a circular track complete with station and passenger pick up area.  It’s a brilliant toy to take on holiday or to distract a child when visiting friends, at the doctor’s or in church.   Thomas is always popular with my children and I have yet to find any of their friends who don’t enjoy playing with trains.

As always with branded toys it’s the extras that build up the cost; the Take n Play station comes with a single die-cast engine, but you can buy additional trains and carriages to add to the set.   I liked this for its portability and think it’s well priced.