Baby Annabell Interactive Doll

This toy has been reviewed as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme.

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll  RRP £44.99

Baby Annabell is the Rolls Royce of the doll world.  She cries, she laughs, she even burps following a feed, and will go to sleep in your arms if you rock her.  She is coveted by any little girl old enough to watch adverts, and even I felt a small tug of maternal longing when I stroked her lovely blond hair…

I’m not a big fan of interactive dolls – I’d rather my children used their imagination to decide whether their dolls are happy or sad, burping or… well, anything else.  Baby Annabell tends to lead playtime although I’m sure an imaginative child would over-rule her.

In terms of quality, Annabell is really lovely.  She’s a fairly big doll, so better suited to a three year old than a really small toddler.  There is a huge range of accessories in the Baby Annabell range, and the cost would soon rack up if you gave in to the highchairs, pushchairs and outfits on offer.  I think Interactive Annabell is an expensive toy, but I’m confident the quality matches up to the price.

I tested Annabell with the help of a group of friends and their children.  As soon as two year old Jemima saw Annabell she was besotted, and literally wouldn’t give her up.  They went home together where I’m quite sure Annabell will gurgle with delight until her batteries run out.