Tropicana K1ds

Tropicana K1ds used to be known as Tropicana Go and have to admit that both my boys have previously tried them, so when we were asked to review them we said yes.  It comes in 3 flavours apple, apple and blackcurrant, and orange and pear.  They are sold in multi-packs of four 200ml bottles (RRP £1.99 for four).

Tropicana Kids are made from 75% juice and 25% water, contain no added sugar and more imporatantly to me no preservatives, artificial flavours or sweeteners.

I like that the bottles come with a sports cap, so are great for travelling or popping in to lunch boxes and the boys really did enjoy the flavours that they tried.

They do need to be kept refrigerated, but are fine for 8 hours (so perfect for lunchboxes), but you do need to remember that you will find them in the fridge area in the supermarket, but in my opinion they are a fantastic alternative to fruit shoots.