Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums

Fifi isn’t quite two yet but she’s decided the terrible two’s can’t wait. So thank goodness Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums appeared in the post. At the moment a Fifi rage-fest can often come on fairly quickly and be quite devastating. The bottom lip comes out and the arms go rigid and soon enough she’s prowling the house throwing things around.

Victoria Arlidge is a composer for television and theatre. Her credits include two BAFTA nominations, an EMMY nomination and she has written the music for over 240 children’s television programmes. She is now a mother of two tantrumming toddlers! Driven by a desire to ease tantrum stress at home and also help other parents and carers, Victoria Arlidge created ‘Tunes for Toddler Tantrums’.

Does it work though? Obviously not on its own- it’s not some sort of kiddy hypnosis album but the songs are bright, cheerful and cover a range of situations that could potentially cause trouble, like teeth brushing, eating food and nappy changing, with colourful and vivid stories involving animals and the like. They act as a great aid to distraction and if there is one thing I’ve learnt had explained to me by Wifey, it’s that distraction is the best approach to diffusing a potential explosion.

This isn’t a long album at just shy of twenty minutes but that’s not what it’s designed to be. If you had to wait a minute for each song to get going, the crayons would already be redesigning your walls. One or two of the tracks had Fifi dancing, and currently that involves rotating on the spot, waving her arms about, until she gets dizzy enough to fall over.

Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums is available here, for the more than reasonable price of £9.99