B Organic Skincare

I think its really important to make sure that the products that you use during pregnancy and on your babies and children are free from nasty chemicals and colours. Children’s skin can be very sensitive, it’s best not to take any risks. In our household, the one year old and my husband have the most sensitive skin and even the merest hint of cheaper bubble-bath left over in the bath can cause a really nasty rash. I have to be really careful and I try to buy organic products whenever possible. I like to use Green People in particular, that was until  we were sent some B Organic products to test. Now I’m spoilt for choice!

I had never heard of B Organic until they contacted me, this is a real shame because their products are absolutely perfect for a fairly typical family like ours. The brand was started by a mum whose daughter suffers from dermatitis and eczema. She has sourced some fantastic ingredients and got experts to produce some products to be proud of.

We were sent a selection of products from the range this included the Ladies Foot Balm which I shall be stocking up on as its a perfect consistency and not too greasy. A real treat which we also tried in baby Fifi who loves a foot massage. I thought this was perfect foot balm and worthy of use by even the most demanding reflexologist.

The other selection of  products which I thought were exceptional were the Sweet Orange range. It smells totally divine and is wonderful to use. In fact, I liked it so much I used more of it on myself than the Toddler. We were sent a gift bag which had a selection of products. Fifi loved the bubble bath and it was great to find something that she could use without her delicate skin being irritated. I liked the shampoo in particular and I think I will treat myself to some more when it runs out.  I normally find that my hair gets greasy very quickly with cheaper mass produced shampoos and this seemed to result in my hair needing to be washed less frequently. I think this gift set would make a nice gift for someone who is keen on Organic products and likes something a bit more unusual.

The soap had a wholesome quality about it which was nice, however I have to admit I prefer liquid soaps as they are a lot less messy. Still, this didn’t dry out the husbands skin quite as much as liquid soap, so he will probably have a bar allocated to him.

Both myself and the husband have mixed feelings about the packaging; I liked it as it looked wholesome. However, the husband thought it looked a bit clinical. The conditioners and shampoo come in pump action containers which are brilliant, especially when you are dealing with children in the bath!

I think B Organic have found themselves some new customers and I would happily recommend this to all my friends. If you want to have a look at their range and find out a bit more, have a look at their website.