The team at Mummy Reviews are a mixture of working and stay at home mums. However, we have all found something that interests and excites us, either through work or hobbies. Some of these hobbies have proved to be money making, some have not.  Nowadays, family finances are complicated; it’s not easy to stay at home with your kids, however much you want to. However, it’s also important to remember that you are the same person as you were before you had children. Part of that comes from spending a little bit of time away from your children and this can be beneficial, either financially or mentally.
There are various websites that can help you find work as a parent one of these sites is work from home. I had a good look around the site and there are loads of jobs from some really well respected companies. Really usefully there is a mixture of opportunities from full-time, part-time to working at home jobs. You can search all the jobs by narrowing down your options, this saves a lot of time. is a sort of one stop shop, you can find careers advice, information about franchises which I found interesting and even a magazine which has interviews with inspirational women, recipes and loads of other stuff. I think I might bookmark the magazine as I thought it was well worth a read.
The site has a really good reputation and has helped loads of women into work, if you are even considering your options it’s worth having a look; you have nothing to lose as it’s free to browse.